March 8, 2017



SOCH is a program of Faiz Resource Foundation. We are working with youth of diverse faiths and grass root organizations to develop their capacity in generating the content in relation to peace and tolerance for the creation of positive impact of their interventions by producing documentaries, case studies, short videos, short public service messages, conducting communication based training workshops.

Peace Is Possible Together

Peace is Possible Together is a co-innovation peace startup project geared toward building the capacity of youth of different faiths and beliefs as peace activists through ICT (Information Communication Technology). PPT aims to strengthen the participant’s people-to-people connection, relationship building and critical thinking skills, which will help to promote acceptance and diversity in the community.


Education is a key to success for peaceful society. Faiz is working in remote areas with vulnerable communities focusing low income communities to promote education with small groups to provide in kind support to education but aimed to build school and hostel in one the central village by 2017-20.