March 18, 2017

Founding Director

Naveed Hameed is serving as founding director of Faiz Resource Foundation , young media activist, documentary filmmaker, and facilitator in the media and development sector. He uses media and film as a tool of expression and sees himself as a bridge between the community and development. Naveed holds (hons) degree in mass communication from Forman Christian college University Lahore Pakistan. He started peace activism since he was student, in return to his initiative Naveed’s documentary films won national awards and acknowledgments in different film making and peace festivals.

He promotes peace and tolerance through his documentary films and conducts capacity building workshops for the organizations working for peace, harmony and minority rights. He wants to create positive impact through his work on vulnerable communities. He shares his expertise in documentary film-making and raises voices of those who cannot raise their voices. Last year, Naveed is awarded with one of the prestigious US fellowship Emerging Leaders of Pakistan 2016 as US state guest to visit US organizations working for peace and violent extremism.