March 10, 2017

Documentary Films

We believe documentary film has captured the interest of people in every culture to develop opinion, community sensitization and story sharing.

Partnership For Peace
We are pleased to share with you our year-long documentary film project with  Youth Development Foundation funded by AAWAZ-The Response Fund 2015. This 10 minute Documentary Film presents the movement of interfaith youth in actions for peace-building in Pakistan. 

Peaceful Colors of Dewali 
The Historic Diwali (Celebrated by Hindu, Jains, and Sikhs as religious event) was organized on November 14, 2015 Peshawar, Pakistan where people from all communities (Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs) joined hands together to celebrate Diwali in Pakistan.

Gojra (Trailer)
Naveed Hamed produced Gojra documentary with Interactive Resource Center. Gojra incident was an second high profile incident in the name of religion. Gojra, the capital of Gojra Tehsil, is a city of Toba Tek Singh District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan where more then 75 houses were burnt on 1 August 2009 and eight Christians including men, woman and two innocent children. This documentary emphasizes to changes in laws which become the root cause of such issues and creates awareness among the masses.

No Aggression No War (Trailer)
 The Documentary was made on current scenario of Pakistan and presents new ideas that who we can stop Aggression & promote Peace. Presenting an an example of a village name Bahmniwala (Kassor: district) Is affected (28 Jun 2009) by human aggression dispute among two people, which was started because of Aggression. Destroy the whole village mentally, physically and disturbed the entire environment of village. 

<strong>Maya </strong>documentary is based on the life of Hindu minority in Pakistan specially Hindu women. It presents the challenges, issues and opportunities in majority community. This documentary is produced by IRC and Church world service-Asia.

Chal Puttar School (Trailer)
Chal Puttar School  documentary based on true story of Hafiz Shahzad Ali who Continue their education by driving rickshaw. Ali’s life is full of energy and complete package of inspiration for others. Who push away the financial Crisis of their family by driving rickshaw and continue his education and eventually he got the good position in whole district and received 50 lakes for his remarkable success in education sector form Chief Minster of Punjab Pakistan Mr. Mian Shahbaz Shareef.

STAND WITH US not only a piece of video but it is a movement to stop brutal and violence attack on minorities in Pakistan. On 22 September 2013, a twin suicide bomb attack took place at All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan, in which 127 people were killed and over 250 injured. It was the deadliest attack on the Christian minority in the history of Pakistan.