March 6, 2017

About Us

FAIZ Resource Foundation is a youth-led, media based, non-profit organization serving as a beacon for enlightened communication and advocacy with a strong commitment to build, establish, and maintain a consistent platform to strengthen the people-to-people connection and relationship building, which will help to promote respect, acceptance and diversity in the community. FAIZ focuses on using different methodologies to carry out its vision and mission: social media, information communication technology and filmmaking. Our goal is to produce and then disseminate films which encourage progressive thinking and help form attitudes necessary for a peaceful, tolerant and pluralistic society.

To recognize those who have not been recognized, to raise the voice of the voiceless, to create opportunities for expression and full participation of marginalized populations so that we can collectively create a more peaceful fully realized society.

To transform individuals into conscientious members of a sustainable, peaceful  and tolerant community

Aims & Objectives 

  • Conceptualize, Develop and Implement deliberate compassion     ate  communication interventions for social change to promote    peace,  tolerance, justice and equality.
  • Promote  and  Encourage  Peace  &  Interfaith  Harmony  using  different  forms  of communication.
  • promote peace, tolerance, and pluralistic society.
  • Research, Publish and Produce the literature/audio video material for education, peace, harmony, and humanitarian activities by creating awareness and development, and hence shaping the public opinion.